Little Da Vinci


Arts, Building Creativity and Intellectual Development

  Studies show that children who studied art not only had higher creativity, but also higher academic achievements. This is the case of Leonardo da Vinci, whose love for art helped him make great contributions to various academic fields, such as math, science, and philosophy.

  Under the supervision of professors in each field, the series put together basic art, music, and movement knowledge in ‘Expression’ books. Then the larger ‘Appreciation’ books give examples of arts, presenting children with real life works. 

  QR videos help children get more interested in topics, while diverse activities at the end of each book like craft, coloring, and puzzles give fun and creative element.

  • Book Specification 

        – Expression : 240x260mm (54 pages) 

        – Appreciation : 240x300mm (54 pages)

  • Age – 7~12
  • Composition – Storybook (18 volumes), QR Video





Little Da Vinci – Appreciation Second

While helped children to develop integrated thinking through art, allows readers to have a realistic experience of

diverse art works. In the process, readers can appreciate a wider range of art pieces and develop artistry and sensibility.

This series also consists of three artistic fields – music, drawing & painting, and physical education. Through a variety of

and interesting storytelling methods, art concepts that elementary school children need to learn are simply and easily

explained. Moreover, the big book size, front fold paper and flap help readers to have a realistic experience as if they are

in a concert hall right now. The pictures in the series also showcase the artistry of original works as much as possible.

  • Book Specification – 240x320mm, 54 pages
  • Age – 7~12
  • Composition – Main Book (8 volumes)