The BBD Playing Book


The first playing book for your baby’s brain development

Be edited under the supervision of a renowned medical professor in the pediatric neurology

The brain development during the first three years of your baby’s life sets the intelligence for the rest of his life.

< The BBD Playing Book > is a brain-development program with a consideration of the function, nature and

developmental stage of each part of the brain. < The BBD Playing Book > Consists of 3 stages and you can choose one

depending on your baby’s age. Each stage of the book will help develop your baby’s brain potential such as lobe, limbic

system and the cerebellum.

Your baby can develop a smart brain while playing with a variety of fabric books, bathing book, sound book, toddling book, and so on.

  • Age – 0~24 months
  • Composition – First stage (7 volumes), Second stage(15 volumes), Third stage(18 volumes)

bbd1 bbd2 bbd3


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