Zoom up Natural Observation

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Natural Observation Storybook for Children

<Zoom up Natural Observation> is designed to help children observe nature from diverse perspectives through

10 different topics of seed, fruit, tail, self protection, communication and symbiotic relationship, and acquire

fundamental scientific knowledge required for learning.

In natural harmony of vivid photos and sentimental illustration, each book describes nature realistically and

helps children experience vivid nature through photos and feel closer to nature through interesting and

warmhearted illustrations.

In addition, <Zoom up Natural Observation> series presents various questions in the stories to stimulate interest

and curiosity, and at the same time, allow children to think each topic from different views. Wing Folder and

Transformed Page also help children get the background knowledge of nature joyfully just like a play.

At the end of each book are contained the places where children can visit and observe the animals/plants introduced

in the content and check points to get essential information for experiential learning. The observation diary section also

will help children sum up the topic and knowledge on the experiential learning one more time.

  • Book Specification – 220 x 250mm, 32~42 pages
  • Age – 5~8
  • Composition – Main Book(10 volumes)

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