Hello, World Classics

Read easy and fun World Classic by simple sentences and various illustrations

A book read in youth would change the future of the children. Many geniuses and historical figures were said to be

influenced by world classic when they were kids. That’s why many people recommend reading world classic to their

children. However it is general that most children feel world classic is difficult and boring just by seeing its title.

Hello, World Classic reconstitute difficult and rigid style into easy to read sentences and it makes children approach

the world classic easily and familiarly by various illustrations.

It not only offers a lot of information on the works and authors, but also gives diverse background information

on society, science, art etc with vivid photo and illustration to make children understand world classic well and help

them plan their futures.

  • Book Specification – 216 x 285mm, Storybook 54~62 pages, Supplement 56~68 pages
  • Age – 8~12
  • Composition – Storybook (32 volumes), Supplement (3 volumes)

classic1 classic2