Hello, World Classic


Easy and Fun World Classic for Children

  Classics contain unchanging values that can last for hundreds of years. They look into our minds and life to give insights. This is why classics are a must read for children.

  This series accurately adapted the famous world classics so children can easily read along. To help make the reading experience much more valuable, each book presents questions during the story, making children actively think about the story and the character as they read.

  At the end of each story, more information on the work and the author is offered to give children rich background knowledge. The supplement books have in-depth knowledge related to the works across various subjects, connecting the classics with our modern world.

  • Book Specification – 216 x 285mm, Storybook 54~62 pages, Supplement 56~68 pages
  • Age – 8~12
  • Composition – Storybook (32 volumes), Supplement (3 volumes)

classic1 classic2