Math & Science Concept Storybook

Math & Science Intergrated in Stories

In contradiction to simply memorizing the concepts and principles of math & science,

<Math & Science Concept Storybook> is newly developed in a way of concept storybook to promote children’s

self-understanding of math & science. Discovered in various stories of Daily Living, Nature, Fantasy, etc.,

the fundamental principles bring math & science, often considered as difficult subjects, to the field of affection

and curiosity. The curriculum consisted of 60 books under 12 subjects is complied under the supervision of

professionals experienced in child education reflecting actual interests of the children.

Download PDF Sample and English Translation!

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  • Book Specification – 250 x 245mm, 32 pages
  • Age – 3~6
  • Composition – Math Storybook (30 volumes), Science  Storybook (30 volumes) with English Translation

concept1 concept2 concept3 concept4 concept5 concept6 concept7 concept8