Let’s play with Mathematics

Essential Math Concepts in Interesting Stories

  Many children think math is boring and difficult. This series shows just how fun math can be.

  Under the supervision of a professor in mathematics education, essential math concepts are integrated into fun stories, helping children to naturally understand math concepts. The stories guide children to investigate, guess, and deduce math concepts, leaving them with strengthened mathematical thinking skills. Fun interactive elements like flaps also help make math easier.

  There are various activities, math concept summaries, and connection of math with our daily lives at the end of each book, adding to the fun learning.

  • Book Specification – 230x265mm, Storybook (47~49 pages), Supplement (52~57 pages)
  • Age – 6~10
  • Composition – Storybook (30 volumes), Supplement (2 volumes)

letmath1 letmath2