Q series – Museum

The Lively, Integrated Knowledge Found at 25 Museums


We now live in a world where a single knowledge is not enough to create a new value. This is why our children need

to ‘think’ in a more integrated way. <Q series – Museum>, consisted of 25 topics, guides you into a virtual museum.

Each topic has one story covering a variety of fields including history, person, living, culture, economy, etc. By reading

these stories, our children can develop a more integrated way of thinking.

A short comic at the start of each book introduces topics that might seem a bit difficult and triggers children’s curiosity.

Moreover, the Museum Box allows children to better understand each topic by watching videos and virtually

experiencing. At the end of each book, an AR application is offered: a self-created picture transformed into a 3D video,

making children enjoy activities associated with each topic. Portfolio book, which is a bonus book, summarizes topics

and helps children to make their one-of-a-kind portfolio book.

  • Book Specification – 240x255mm, 60 pages
  • Age – 7~10
  • Composition – Story Book (25 volumes), Bonus Book (1 volume), Supplement (3 volume)

muse2 muse3 muse4 muse5 muse6