Adventures in Science

Exciting Adventure into the World of Science

Adventures in Science is a series which helps children approach science with enthusiasm. It consists of three parts:

exploration of nature, exploration of the human body and Earth exploration, and science in daily life. The contents cover

all fields of science, such as biology, earth sciences, physics, and chemistry. Most importantly, it deals intensively with

interesting subjects, including the natural environment, plants and animals, and scientific phenomena in daily life,

which stimulate children’s curiosity. The four characters of the stories, Hoya, Toya, Tuyo, and Pinko, explore various

places and situations to satisfy their scientific curiosity. By reading about their adventures, children naturally learn

about all areas of science. Children can also enjoy the books by listening to the audio CDs, which has great sound

effects. After learning about each area, children do diverse activities, such as games, paper crafts, handicrafts,

experiments, painting, and so on.

  • Book Specification – 225 x 280mm, 60 pages
  • Age – 5~10
  • Composition – Storybook (30 volumes), Audio CD (10 ea)

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