My First Day of School


Guide Book for Children Entering Elementary Schools

The nervous but exciting first day of school and school life. Children are both thrilled and scared at the thought of

going to school for the first time in their lives. <My First Day of School> is a story for children who are just about to

become the 1st grader. The story contains events that can happen at school, helping children to imagine what their

school life will be like, so that they can better adapt themselves to a real school life.

A variety of creative activities let children think about an exciting school life. The pop-up bonus book teaches children

about people they will meet, places they will pass by and safety issues on their way to school. At the end of the book,

you can find advices for parents from elementary teachers, allowing parents to better help their children in preparation

of school entrance.

  • Book Specification – 230x265mm, 48 pages
  • Age – 6~7
  • Composition – Story Book (12 volumes), Bonus Book (1 volume), Supplement (1 volume)

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