Biography of the Great Minds

The Never-Fading Impression of the Great Stories

Biography of the Great Minds is a biography series with a new concept that combines the books and teaching aids.

It approaches young hildren on the project basis that gives them learning experiences through physical activities.

It provides interesting and impressive stories composed in a variety of ways while focusing on the major

achievements of great people. It also offers teaching aids made of different materials related to the stories,

thus allowing young children to learn about great minds by participating in expressing, crafting, and game

activities by themselves. Biography of the Great Minds will make young children play with the great minds

and learn the related knowledge naturally through activities and will eventually let them grow with the great minds.

  • Book Specification – 230 x 270mm, 60 Pages
  • Age – 6~10
  • Composition – Main Book (30 volumes)

mind1 mind2