Let’s Play with Economy

Getting Familiar with Economy by Reading Interesting Stories

Have you ever regretted not paying attention to economy? Do you want to recommend your children to study more

practical knowledge? Here is Let’s Play with Economy. Nowadays our daily life is inseparable from economy, which is

a very essential and practical subject. That’s why children should study economy as early as possible. Let your children

know the key concepts of economy such as scarcity, currency, savings, bank, tax, global economy and so on through

Let’s Play with Economy. Let’s Play with Economy is designed to study economy which can be difficult and boring for

children by reading interesting adventure stories and participating in enjoyable activities. Children can accumulate

knowledge on economy and get the right concept of economy by reading stories which consider the level of children

and participating in pleasant activities and games.

  • Book Specification – 230 x 265mm, 53 pages
  • Age – 6~10
  • Composition – Main Book (20 volumes) with English Translation

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