The Magic Spell, “Open, Knowledge”

Knowledge that gratify children’s curiosity

The Magic Spell, “Open, Knowledge” is a series of knowledge storybook that helps children can ask questions

and find the answers by themselves with observing the surroundings.

The contents consist that the curiosity will be showed continuously following one after another. It also helps children to

understand the theme more easy and fun by using with various works such as Touching, Folding and Spreading,

Spinning, Sticker etc. Especially, in the last part of the book, we offer After-Reading-Active to make children understand

and extend the knowledge they learned.

  • Book Specification – Storybook (220x230mm, 32~42 pages), Supplement (257x267mm, 14~16 pages)
  • Age – 3~5
  • Composition – Storybook (25 volumes), Supplement (2 volumes), CD (1 ea)

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