Fun Logics & Creativity Book


Grow Logic and Creativity with Fun Block Activities!

  This series satisfies both what parents and children want. Interesting stories engage and grow knowledge for children, while the block play gives fun and joy.

  Designed to grow logical and creative thinking skills, interesting stories naturally help children develop different thinking skills. Questions in stories and end-of-book activities strengthen the learning effect.

  Over 30 different types of block objects appear throughout the story, and children can have fun making them. The block play is both enjoyable and helps broaden children’s creativity.

  • Book Specification – 220x280mm (46 pages)
  • Age – 5~8
  • Composition – Story Book (10 volumes), Supplement (1 volume), Block (1 set, 180 pcs), QR Video

block1 block2 block3 block4 block5 block6