Children’s English

Learning English Through Songs and Storytelling

Children’s English is an English learning program which helps children not only learn the alphabet and basic vocabulary,

but also get practical knowledge by presenting a variety of stories. It consists of three steps. In the First step, children

learn the alphabet and basic words through vivid photos and images. Children naturally expand their vocabulary and

expressions by reading the stimulating stories in the Second step, and stories about daily life in the Third step.

The unique illustrations, including clay and 3D illustrations, keep children’s interest and make reading fun. All of the

stories in Children’s English consist of fun songs and rhythmic chants so that children can learn English easily and

naturally through listening and repetition. In addition, children can review the stories by watching the DVDs, which

contain fun flash animation and the text read by an English teacher.

  • Book Specification – 210 x 280mm, 205 x 200mm, 205 x 260mm, 13~17 pages
  • Age – 3~6
  • Composition – Storybook (24 volumes), Workbook for First & Third Step (12 Volumes),  

                                 Sticker Book for Second Step (1 Volume), Guidebook(4 Volumes), Audio CD (8 ea), DVD (4 ea)

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