Children’s English

Fun English Learning with Songs and Stories

  English learning should be fun, relatable to everyday life, and have repetitive elements.

  Composed of systematic 3-level steps, this series guides children from the start of English learning. The First Step introduces alphabet and basic words with vivid photos. In Second Step, children can meet creative stories that stimulate their interest. Lastly, Third Step offers stories about everyday life, helping children naturally expand their vocabularies.

  Together with fun songs and chants, English can be made fun for children. Flash animations further stimulates children’s interest, while guidebooks and workbooks instruct the best way to use the series.

  • Book Specification – 210 x 280mm, 205 x 200mm, 205 x 260mm, 13~17 pages
  • Age – 3~6
  • Composition – Storybook (24 volumes), Workbook for First & Third Step (12 Volumes),  

                           Sticker Book for Second Step (1 Volume), Guide Book(4 Volumes), MP3, DVD (4 ea)

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