Story Phonics

From Sounding Out New Words to Real Reading

Story Phonics is the English learning program which helps children acquire phonics skills through interesting stories.

Children can find phonics rules naturally by reading stories. These phonics rules are keys to sounding out new words.

They are also tools that help children step into real reading. Story Phonics systematically teaches 45 basic phonics rules

to children. They can repeatedly practice phonics skills through storybooks, workbooks, and a CD-ROM. Storybooks

improve children’s imagination and thinking power. Each book has 2~3 target sounds, and children can acquire the rules

as if they could find the treasure. The CD-ROM consists of activities. It will stir children’s curiosity, arouse their interest,

and give motivations to them. Children will read English by themselves with confidence, and at that moment

they feel familiar with English.

Book Specification – 220 x 215mm, 27 pages

Age – 5~8

Composition – Storybook (25 volumes), Workbook (5 volumes),  Audio CD (5 volumes), Guide Book (1 volume)

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