Developing Logical Thinking by Studying All Subjects in English

Wizmaker is designed so that elementary school students can study all subjects – science, social studies, math, and

art – in English. Children at this age begin to read material from various sources which contains facts and information.

It is very important to both provide accurate information for them and to tailor it to their needs. Wizmaker helps children

to understand school subjects in English, and stimulates them to think logically. It will improve their skills so that

they can analyze the facts presented to them and express their thoughts systematically.

Wizmaker contains vivid pictures combined with unique illustrations, which arouse children’s interest. Each story begins

the curious two main characters, Dimpy and Piby. This helps children ease into the subject matter as well as piques

their interest.

  • Book Specification – 250 x 230mm, 36 pages
  • Age – 7~13
  • Composition – Storybook (24 volumes), Study Book (24 Volumes), Guide Book (2 Volumes), Audio CD (4 ea)

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