The BBD Toy Book – Play & Grow Series for Baby


The very first play book for your baby’s brain development

Babies at 13 to 24th months are at the most important stage, where their brain develops really fast and they start learning

basic habits. <The BBD Toy Book> stimulates the five senses and helps brain development by providing play activities

that are just right for your baby. Also, the story books and growth activities will help babies to better understand basic

habits and social skills. Help your baby learn good habits and develop their brains through various play activities

in <The BBD Toy Book>.

  • Book Specification – 230x265mm, 48 pages
  • Age – 13~24 months
  • Book Composition – Story Book(12 vols), Brain Activity Book (12 vols), Teachers Guidebook (4 vols)
  • Educational Material –  Teacher’s Activity Material (48 vols), Educational Material(12 ea), Audio CD (4 ea)

playbbd1 playbbd2 playbbd3 playbbd4 playbbd5 playbbd6 playbbd7 playbbd8