Q Series – Logical Thinking Book


Different thoughts and expression for the perfect essay writing!

These days, children read many books and have a wide range of knowledge, but can’t express it easily. This is because

they can’t use what they know well, and can’t express in a logical way.

<Q Series – Logical Thinking Book> effectively stimulates children’s curiosity with 24 topics that help build logical

reasoning skills, understanding skills, and creativity. Each book starts with an adventure cartoon where children can

learn about the book’s topic through an interesting story full of adventure. Then they move on to creative ‘logical tales’

with topics related to logical reasoning skills, understanding skills, and creativity. Children can naturally learn to think

logically and build various knowledge by reading the stories. Moreover, activities at the end of the book and QR code

videos give children background knowledge related to the topics and teach new vocabularies.

  • Book Specification – 245x260mm, 64pages
  • Age – 7~13
  • Composition – Story Book (24 volumes), Supplement (2 volumes)

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* Book Preview – Vol.2 This Is Children’s Broadcasting Station

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