Animated Fairy Tales of the World Ⅱ


Meet World Fairy Tales in 3D Illustrations!

Fairy Tales read in early childhood help children greatly in emotion, personality, and language development.

<Animated Fairy Tales of the World Ⅱ> is a sequel following the huge success of <Animated Fairy Tales of the World I>,

which sold 110,000 sets over 7 years since its publication in 2008. <Animated Fairy Tales of the World Ⅱ> introduces

30 beautiful world fairy tales that weren’t introduced in <Animated Fairy Tales of the World I>. With 3D illustrations,

the series touches children’s hearts and offers greater fun. 

In addition, children can watch exciting 3D flash animation preview videos through QR codes. The series also offers 

various after-reading activities, including AR activity, so children can develop creativity and language skills.

Help your children develop a well-balanced emotional system as well as good language skills.

  • Book Specification – 200x200mm, 60 pages
  • Age – 4~7
  • Composition – Story Book (30 volumes), Supplement(1 ea), Audio CD(10 ea), Application



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