The Magic Spell, “Open, Knowledge” 2


Fill your children with knowledge about everyday life

<The Magic Spell, “Open Knowledge” 1> was a series of picture books on various everyday life topics. It was very popular,

and was sold over 71,000 sets since its publication in 2011. <The Magic Spell, “Open Knowledge” 2> builds on

the previous series’ popularity, and was launched consisting 12 Main Books, 1 Bonus Book, and 1 Supplement.

The series deals with topics about children’s safety, everyday life, and the environment. The books ask various questions

to children, making them curious about the topics.

The Bonus Book <Curiosity Encyclopedia> is an encyclopedia-format book that answers 100 things many children feel

curious about. It is divided into 5 indexes – Body, Social Life, Nature, Math and Science Principles, and Objects – to help

children navigate easily.

The supplement <Objects Sticker Book> has magic stickers that can be placed and removed many times. With these,

children can learn the names and functions of objects in their homes. It is also filled with various multimedia.

Children can listen to information about each object with a Smart Pen, and QR codes offer videos on the objects.

  • Book Specification – 220x230mm, 32~42 pages
  • Age – 3~5
  • Composition – Story Book (12 volumes), Bonus Book(1 ea), Supplement(1 ea), AR Application

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