Fun Logic Storybook with Block


Build Thinking Skills and Creativity with Fun Stories and Blocks

  This series is a sequel to the popular <Fun Logics & Creativity Book>. New logical and creative thinking skills that couldn’t be in the last series is in this series.

  New and exciting stories help children learn different logical and creative thinking skills. Short information boxes and thinking questions are placed during the story to make children think more, while end-of-book activities give a fun reviewing experience for children.

  Now children can create 23 new types of block objects. Detailed instructions and QR videos help children complete the objects, and help build logical thinking process by following the process.

  • Book Specification – 220x280mm (46 pages)
  • Age – 5~8
  • Composition – Story Book (10 volumes), Block (1 set, 180 pcs), QR Video

block21 block22 block23 block24 block25