Smart Science with Book TV


Book TV, a Portable Education Program offering Digital Experiential Science

Did you know that in 3 days, people remember 10% of what they heard but 65% of what they saw?

<Smart Science with Book TV> is a science book series that combines 24 science related stories with more than

100 video clips and digital experience. By scanning the QR codes in each book, children can watch Book TV videos

that show experiments, situational plays, and animations related to the topic. Each video features professional actors

starring in EBS (Public Educational Broadcasting System in Korea), offering natural and realistic videos.

Also, the AR function in the application let children operate experiment tools as well as see vivid illustrations and photos.

Through these interesting digital experience, children can carry out in-depth, integrated study.

Help your children learn science principles as well as build concentration, memory power, and creativity through

digital activities connected to the series.

  • Book Specification – 230x275mm, 44 pages
  • Age – 11~13
  • Composition – Story Book (24 volumes), QR Video, AR Application





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