Folktales from the World

Collection of folktales for child, found from around the world

<Folktales from the World> is a series of sixty books that contains 85 folktales passed down in 41 countries, 5 regions,

1 tribe of the world. The two cute characters of this series, Moyamo and Anu, travel around the world tracing ancient

folktales. Through the stories that have been passed down since ancient times from all over the world, child readers can

learn the wisdom of humankind and experience diverse cultures around the world. In addition, the illustrations created

by the leading illustrators from many different countries will touch the hearts of child readers and foster their

sensitivities. While reading these books, they will dream of becoming leaders of the world.

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  • Book Specification – 240 x 265mm, 52~64 pages
  • Age – 5~10
  • Composition – Storybook (60 volumes) with English Translation

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