Handcrafting Storybook in Dinosaurs (en)


Children’s Favorite Dinosaurs Come Back to Life!

  <Handcrafting Storybook in Dinosaurs> is a series that satisfies both children and parents. It has dinosaur pop-ups that children love, and character building stories that parents want. With topics like ‘How did the Tyrannosaurus hunt?’ and ‘Did dinosaurs have family?’, the series offers ecological stories at children’s level.

  The series helps children grow curiosity and creativity with vivid elements such as Sound Books and DIY pop-ups. It also helps them grow logical thinking and decision making skills through end-of-book activities and Dinosaur card game.

  • Book Specification

         – Sound Pop-up Book 300x265mm (24 pages)    

         – DIY Pop-up Book 230x265mm (40 pages)

         – Bonus Book 250x285mm (88 pages)

  • Age – 4~7
  • Composition – Storybook (12 volumes), Bonus Book (1 volume), QR Video