Q Series – Coding


Preparing Children for the Digital World

  Computer Programming teaches us new ways to think. It broadens our mind and guides us to solve problems in a new way. This series helps our children to develop a digital mindset.

  Each book in the series is divided into three parts. First, adventure comic introduces coding in our daily lives. Then the following creative story combines coding concepts with the story, to help understand the concept better. Then end-of-book contains more in-depth information on the topic and fun play activities to help children wrap-up the topic.

  Bonus book and Board Game included in the series contains interesting computing questions and games, making children use and strengthen their logic skills.

  • Book Specification – 240x255mm (48 pages)
  • Age – 7~10
  • Composition – Storybook (10 volumes), Bonus Book (1 volume), 2 Board Games