Twinkle Twinkle Thinking Star


Essential Knowledge Packed into Fun Stories

  Expand children’s knowledge with Academic, Creative, and Experiential picture book series.

  The series presents essential knowledge in a creative way. Unlike other knowledge books that simply list facts, this series combines knowledge into the plot, making children think and broaden their mind. QR videos in each book help children deepen their understanding.

  Complete with end-of-book activities and bonus books, this series is a “must-have knowledge picture book” to help children grow creativity and thinking skills.

  • Book Specification – Storybook 220x260mm (40 pages), Bonus Book 250x320mm (56 pages)
  • Age – 5~11
  • Composition – Storybook (41 volumes), Bonus Book (2 volumes), QR Video

1. Essential Knowledge Told Through Fun Stories

2. Engaging Flaps and Knowledge Extending End-of-book Activities

3. QR Videos: Solve Curiosities and Learn Facts the Fun Way


4. Bonus Books: Build Creativity & Logical Skills with Rich Knowledge