Kyowon Novel The Three Kingdoms

The Classic Novel <Romance of Three Kingdoms> is Reborn

By <Kyowon Novel The Three Kingdoms>, the classic novel by Lou Guanzhong of Yuan Dynasty in China named

<Romance of Three Kingdoms (Sanguozhiyanyi)> is reborn in a form of Korean Children’s <The Three Kingdoms

(Sanguozhi)> as the interesting and realistic story is put together with unique and characteristic illustrations to the

children’s eyes. Even more impressive is that it came out after going through much careful editorial supervision

as well as historical survey on the spot of <The Three Kingdoms>, thus enhancing its historical aspects of this novel.

Through <Kyowon Novel The Three Kingdoms>, the children will meet various heroes of different states and learn

their wisdom and courage, moreover, able to build up honest values of life.

  • Book Specification – 210 x 280mm, 96~112 pages
  • Age – 8~13
  • Composition – Main Book (20 volumes), Supplement (4 volumes)