Curious Stories in English


Fun English Stories to Solve Curiosities

  Our children are full of curiosities about the world around them. This series connects this never ending curiosities with English, giving them knowledge on both the topic and English.

  Written by American and Canadian authors, the creative stories offer useful information with easy and simple English expressions. The careful supervision of Dr. Julie Wood, a PhD from Harvard Graduate School of Education, adds to educational effects of each story.

  With fun QR video animations and activities, children can learn English much more interactively and enjoyably. Also, end-of-book contains information corner, giving children rich background information.

  • Book Specification                                                                                                                     – Storybook: 230x265mm (46 pages)                                                                                                        – Bonus Book: 230x265mm (70 pages)
  • Age – 5~11
  • Composition – Storybook (30 volumes), Bonus Book (1 volume), Vocab Cards (150 cards),            Book Cinema (30 episodes, 5 min/ea), 3D Dance Animation (30 episodes, 1 min/ea)


  1. Creative English Stories to Grow Integrated Cognition


  2. Repeated Exposure to Learn Important Expressions



  3. Smart Repetitive Learning with QR Video Animation & Activities