Water Margin

Kyowon’s <Water Margin> raising the values of China’s classics with the lively and dynamic illustrations

<Water Margin> is about heroes who fought against corrupt officials and incompetent King in the late Song Dynasty of

China. With this book, kids can learn about justice and fidelity. Kyowon’s <The Water Margin> features quality

illustrations which show figures of the characters and the social atmosphere of those days, helping readers to

better understand the beautiful story of the original text. On top of that, additional information related to historical facts

and culture help kids to expand their basic background. The activities at the end of the volume allow readers to rethink

important issues of the story, improving their thinking capability.

  • Book Specification – 216 x 285mm, 58 pages
  • Age – 8~13
  • Composition – Main Book (10 volumes)