Journey to the West(The Monkey King)

<Journey to the West>, a new and easy version for children while maintaining the beautiful original text

 <Journey to the West> is one of China’s famous classics along with <The Three Kingdoms> and <Water Marjin>.

Kyowon’s <Journey to the West> is a new and easy version angled towards young readers while maintaining the original

story. A variety of characters such as monsters, Taoist magic, Taoist hermit and devil which touches kids’ imagination

and curiosity along with unique illustrations help kids fall into the story instantly. Additional information related to the

story will help children expand their basic knowledge. At the end of each volume, the character introduction section and

the review of famous scenes will help readers to understand the story.

  • Book Specification – 216 x 285mm, 58 pages
  • Age – 8~13
  • Composition – Main Book (10 volumes)