Greek and Roman Mythology

When you turn a page, the great cultural heritage of humankind spreads out in front of you

Greek and Roman Mythology is a starting place to understand Western culture. Reading Greek and Roman mythology,

children understand Western culture. They also acquire knowledge of many areas other than language, society, science,

art and so on.

Greek and Roman Mythology provides a voluminous story of 57 pieces on the basis of Thomas Bulfinch’s work.

It has essential contents of the original text and is written suitable for children easily and enjoyably by famous writers.

It has also beautiful illustrations every page so that children feel the mythic world vividly. Greek and Roman Mythology

has main books and special books. Main books consist of 4 themes. Special books consist of art, constellation, and

characters. Greek and Roman Mythology gives the children literary sensibility, a wide knowledge,

and thinking & writing skills.

  • Book Specification – 210 x 280mm, Main Book (56 pages), Special Book (52 pages)
  • Age – 8~13
  • Composition – Main Book (32 volumes), Special Book (3 volumes)

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