Kyowon Odyssey

The second Ancient Greek epic poem after Kyowon Iliad

<Kyowon Odyssey> is a story about Odysseus, a hero of the Trojan War, who has a 10-year adventure and finally

returns home. Together with <Kyowon Iliad>, <Kyowon Odyssey> is a must-read western classic for better

understanding in the ideology of European people.

While maintaining the original text, <Kyowon Odyssey> is designed to tell the classics at the level of children’s eyes.

Splendid illustrations show the feeling and beauty of the original text very well. In particular, the same type of

illustration technique used in <Kyowon Iliad> would make readers to get more interested in reading

<Kyowon Odyssey> as a follow-up series.

With this classic book, kids can learn wisdoms and values while reading on a lot of adventures that heroes go through.

The story-related information placed in the middle of the story and the reading practice session at the end of the book

help readers to expand their background knowledge. Furthermore, activities placed at the end of the book include

introduction of characters for better understanding of the story. The changing the story of the ending part will improve

kids’ problem-solving capability.

  • Book Specification  210x280mm, 38 pages
  • Age – 9~13
  • Composition – Main Book (10 volumes)

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