Build It, Virtue & Language!


Balanced Language and Character Building

  Early Childhood is the prime time to build good character and language skills.

  We integrated 8 features of good character into different fun stories. As they read, children can naturally think about the “right” values and character in various points of view, guiding their personality growth.

  The stories also help build vocabulary, understanding, and expression skills according to preschool receptive-expressive language scale (PRES), by exposing certain language goal phrases repetitively.

  Various play activities and QR videos offered with the stories help children keep their interest in the topic, and give in-depth understanding.

  • Book Specification – Storybook 220x230mm (36 pages), Bonus Book 250x320mm (58 pages)
  • Age – 3~7
  • Composition – Storybook (29 volumes), Bonus Book (1 volume), QR Video