Handcrafting Storybook in Creativity


Creativity at the Tip of Your Hands

  Creative thinking is looking at problems from a different point of view and thinking outside the box. Various ways to help grow creative thinking skills are put together into this series.

  Each story in this series combines ‘creative thinking ability’ with ‘creative thinking skill’. Stories use different creative thinking skills to solve problems, naturally exposing various thinking skills to children.

  ‘Make your own pop-up’ activities within the story deepens children’s interest and imagination, while fun QR videos give extra information on the topic, and activities review & strengthen creativity.

  Parents can also help children practice and build-up creative skills they learned by using the guidebook provided with the series.

  • Book Specification – Storybook 220x265mm (40 pages), Bonus Book 250x285mm
  • Age – 3~7
  • Composition – Storybook (30 volumes), Pop-up Book (1 volume), Parental Guide (leaflet), QR