Animated Fairy Tales of the World II

3D Animation with World-Famous Fairy Tales

  This series is the sequel to the popular <Animated Fairy Tales of the World 1>, which sold over 180,000 sets since its publication.

  With vivid 3D illustrations, the series introduces 30 fairy tales that couldn’t be introduced in the previous series. Children can explore the fantasy world and learn valuable life lessons, and fun activities at the end of each story help children learn background knowledge on the stories as well.

  In addition, QR animation videos offer exciting 3D flash animation previews to the stories, while fun AR activities in the APP help children develop creative skills.

  • Book Specification 200x200mm (60 pages)
  • Age 4~7
  • Composition Storybook (30 volumes), Supplement (2 ea), MP3, QR