World Famous Figures and Their Jobs

Stories of world’s outstanding people and their jobs

< World famous figures and their jobs > is your kid’s first mentor for a lifetime dream. A dream provides a clear

direction for your child’s life. And a good personality is a fundamental element to make a dream come true.

< World’s famous figures and their jobs > has two sections: personality and job. Stories about people of beautiful

personality help kids to develop a good personality naturally. While reading the stories of heroes who overcome

difficulties and make come true, children can indirectly experience a variety of jobs and think about what they want to

become in the future.

With various story-telling approaches such as a letter and talk-show, < World’s famous figures and their jobs >

helps your kids fall into the story. With a help of touch-control activities and QR code, kids can meet round characters of

the story lively. At the end of the book, activities related to language, mathematics, society, science, human body and

art fields allow readers to review the story and improve their thinking capability. Moreover, kids will be able to learn

about beautiful personality and various jobs of other figures through activities presented in the appendix book.

  • Book Specification – 230x265mm, 54 pages
  • Age – 6~9
  • Composition – Main Book (28 volumes), Supplement (2 volumes)

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