Handcrafting Storybook in Curiosity

Answer All Your Everyday Questions with Hands-on Stories!

  Children are full of questions. It’s important to guide and nurture this curiosity, as it’s what drives children to explore and learn new things.

  Under the supervision of the professor in early childhood development, the series deals with topics and questions children are most curious about. To further encourage children’s curiosities, the series offers various sight, feeling, hearing stimulations with interesting activities within the story.

  Enjoy unique features of the series as well – 1) ‘make your own pop-up’ that helps stimulate children’s brain by moving their hands, and 2) ‘APP’ with AR activities giving children active experience.

Book Specification – 230x265mm (40 pages)

Age – 4~7

Composition – Storybook (30 volumes), Bonus Book (1 volume), QR Video