Talk, Talk with Nature


Let’s Listen to the Talk of Beautiful Nature

Composed of entertaining stories to help children understand ecological features of 64 kinds of species, Talk, Talk

with Nature is a series of children’s book of nature filled with vivid photos and learning activities. Nature is easily taken

difficult and boring. However, Talk, Talk with Nature teaches children nature in various storytelling approaches

of writing a letter, comparing, finding something in common and executing missions covering from heart-warming

stories of families to environmental problems.

In addition, various learning activities that perfectly fit into each theme, including detailed shooting by specialists in

various fields, flaps, strings, hanging, folding paper, punching, stickers and films, help children develop scientific

thinking skills with distinctive introduction that stimulates curiosity. Written by specialists with in-depth hand-

onexperience and edited under professors in ecology and nursery education, Talk, Talk with Nature has both scientific

expertise and educational suitability and consists of series; Farm, Field, Forest, Ocean and Meadow & Polar Regions.

  • Age – 1~5
  • Composition – Farm (15 volumes), Field (15 volumes), Fores (16 volumes), Ocean (6 volumes), 

                                 Meadow & Polar Regions (10 volumes)

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