Biography of the Great Minds


Building Future Generation’s Mind & Soul

  Great people achieved great things by following their soul and using their strong mindset.

  To help our children do the same, the series gathered great people from all over the world, in different times, and retold their stories by focusing on ‘how’ they achieved great things. Divided into 6 categories of mind power, children can explore different qualities, find what they are great at, and sharpen them with interesting stories.

  In addition, QR videos and background information flaps offer children fun infotainment, while end-of-book activities help children review and wrap-up the story.

  • Book Specification – Storybook 230x265mm (53 pages)
  • Age – 5~10
  • Composition – Storybook (21 volumes), Bonus Book (3 volume), QR Video