Curiosity, the Question of Science

Enjoy Diverse Reading Material and Interesting Activities

This series presents difficult concepts of science through cartoons to help children explore scientific principles in an

interesting way. Various adventures such as mission fulfillment,time travel and reasoning will add more excitement to

the story. It also contains background knowledge in diverse fields integrally. Children will not only learn actual

scientific information but also background knowledge in various fields including important figures, societies and

cultures in relation to the information through interesting stories, plentiful pictures and illustrations.

Curiosity, the Question of Science consists of a wide range of experiments and operating activities to help children to

understand scientific principles on their own. In particular, supplementary activity board will help children to operate by

themselves the inventions introduced in the book and experience the principle of the inventions. Precise and

professional supervision of the professors at Seoul National University of Education put perfection to the book.

  • Book Specification – 245x255mm, Mainbook : 60 pages, Supplement : 56 pages
  • Age – 7~10
  • Composition – Mainbooks (25 volumes), Supplement (2 volumes)

curiosity1 curiosity2