Curiosity, the Question of Science


World Changing Inventions and Inventors

  When were numbers made? Who invented Cars?

  25 inventions that changed our world, or uses must-know scientific principles, were selected and explained under the supervision of a professor heading the Invention and Science Education Center. Each invention is presented through a short comics and a full story. The story explains the man behind the invention, the history of the time, the science of the invention, and the society and how it changed, following the STEAM method to help children build integrated thinking skills.

  More information and fun activities are offered at the end of each book, taking children one step closer to science.

  • Book Specification – 245x255mm, Storybook (60 pages), Supplement (56 pages)
  • Age – 7~10
  • Composition – Storybook (25 volumes), Supplement (1 volume)