The First Math Storybook for the Smart Children


Find Math in Our Daily Lives

  Naturally expose math to children with this endearing series. This series helps children meet math as a playful concept.

  Each title introduces different, essential mathematical concepts through the main story. The stories contain fun factors such as flaps, stickers, puzzles, etc. to engage children’s interest. At the end of each book, children can carry out fun activities that look at math around our daily lives. Supplements give children a chance to play with stickers while reviewing mathematic concepts they read in the main stories, and connect math with our daily lives.

  • Age 3~6
  • Page

         – Mainbook : Part 1 : 12~22  pages, Part 2 : 32 pages, Part 3 : 8~18 pages    

         – Supplement : 24~44 pages

  • Composition

         – Main Books (36 volumes) : Part 1 : 12 volumes, Part 2 : 19 volumes, Part 3 : 5 volumes 

         – Supplement (5 volumes)