The First Math Storybook for the Smart Children

The first math picture book for our children to learn math like an easy and interesting play

This series is designed to help children learn mathematical concepts through interesting stories and enhance

mathematical mind in an integrated and three-dimensional manner through various activities.

It consists of Story book that presents essential mathematical concepts including figure, space, measurement,

calculation, rules and data collection and Activity book that contains stickers to help readers to study math like a play

spreading, matching, sticking and making something.

  • Age – 3~6
  • Page

         – Mainbook : Part1 : 12~22 pages, Part2 : 32 pages, part3 : 8~18 pages    

         – Supplement : 24~44 pages

  • Composition

         – Main Books (36 volumes) – Part1 : 12 volumes, Part2 : 19 volumes, part3 : 5 volumes 

         – Supplement (5 volumes)

firstmath1 firstmath2 firstmath3