Sociality Picture Book for Children

For the successful social life for our children

Sociality Picture Book for Children is the picture book series that lead children to their successful social life.

According to the Sociality Development Process, this series consist of 4 areas such as Myself, Ourselves, Society and

Social Values.

Beginning from the understanding of myself, it expands to understand other people and to make a good relationship

with others. Also it helps children to show their interest to their local society.

By interesting stories and the characters that children can be regarded in the same light, it makes children to experience

sociality naturally and efficiently. Through after-reading part, children can be aware of the main point of each theme.

Also children can apply many themes of sociality that meet in the stories by various activities such as making, drawing,

game, and writing card etc.

  • Book Specification – Various size, 44~48 pages
  • Age  – 5~7
  • Composition – Main Books (32 volumes)

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