Children’s Eye view of Economy

Why should we study about the economy?

The economy is closely related to our everyday lives, and it is a core topic that would enable us to well understand

various social problems.

Children might find it difficult and boring to study on the economy. However, they would find themselves understand

more easily the principle of the economy while reading Children’s Eye view of Economy.

In Children’s Eye view of Economy, children can read about various topics on economy – corporations, prices, financial

institutions and trades. These various topics can trigger kids’ interest in economy and help them better understand

the economic issues and make good decisions in everyday lives.

Children’s Eye view of Economy provides descriptions, explanations, illustrations, pictures and photographs for children

to better understand economy which they normally found hard to understand because this book was created based on

the consideration on kids’ level of understanding.

In the “combined society” corner and the last part of the book, background knowledge on various topics is provided,

helping children better understand a variety of social phenomena and sectors in the society. Furthermore, kids can have

a bird’s eye view and better thinking skills. Moreover, the “job introduction” corner offers children indirect experiences

about various jobs, helping them to consider about their future jobs and careers.

  • Book Specification – 210 x 270mm, 64 pages
  • Age – 9~14
  • Composition – Main Book (15 volumes)