Let’s Play with World History

Starting line to understand World Culture and History

This series divided into 2 parts of mainbook. First part consists of 6 titles of the era, from ancient times to modern times,

and it describes historical facts by chronological order. The second part consists of 28 storybooks for historical affairs.

Each storybook handles each event for history by various ways of telling, for example, diary, letter, time machine

journey etc. The supplement gives information through maps that children can review the world history according to the

era and the main point of each era.

Each mainbook gives activities so children can review the book and enjoy diverse activities. Also each storybook gives

detailed information at the end of each story, it helps children to expand knowledge.The illustrations were made

by various techniques, and they showed the special features of each era correctly by applying the advice from

the professor of history.

  • Book Specification – Mainbook(203x268mm,56~68pages), Supplement(250x320mm, 56 pages)
  • Age – 6~10
  • Composition -Main Books 34 volumes(Part1 : 6 volumes,  Part2 : 28 volumes), Supplement (1 volumes)

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