Let’s Play with Environment

How we can save the Earth

The importance of environment has grown to a greater extent. What shall we do to save our Earth? Let’s Play with

Environment is suitable for children to know how the environment is polluted by various ways such as global warming,

water shortages and to be aware of how to protect the environment by using green energy, recycling and so on.

By reading the storybook, children can learn each theme and review the story through diverse activities.

Computer graphics was used in supplement to express vivid environment and the supplement also offers many activities

and glossary related to environment.

Download PDF Sample and English Translation!

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  • Book Specification  – 230x265mm, Storybook : 48 pages, Supplement : 36 pages
  • Age – 6~10
  • Composition – Main Book (10 volumes), Supplement (1 volumes) with English Translation

environment1 environment2 environment3 environment4

environment5 environment6