Let’s play with English

Learn phonics by word, story and activities

This series offer the information on how to pronounce English. Most English teachers insisted that repetition is the most

important and efficient factor on phonics study. So we offer 4 steps to learn the phonics designed for repetition.

First, children can learn the basic word that contains the specific phonetic value.

Then, children read interesting story that helps them to understand the pronunciation by reading the story naturally.

The third step is short conversation. Children can repeat the basic and essential pronunciation plus expression

in this step.

Lastly, we offer various activities that children can review the phonics by making something, doing cut and paste,

and doing coloring etc.

Through this repeated learning steps, children can learn the phonics fun and easy.

  • Book Specification – 250 x 230mm
  • Age – 5~8
  • Composition – Storybook & Audio (30 volumes)

leteng1 leteng2