Cotton Candy Storybook 1

Stimulate Your Child’s Senses! Develop Their imagination!

Your Child’s First Picture Books

Should we read stories to young children even though they don’t understand? Of course we should. Reading picture

books is the best way to build a strong bond between mother and child. Picture books are not simply stories or pictures.

Reading picture books is very meaningful. When mother reads a picture book to her children, they feel love and

happiness. No toy can substitute for reading beautiful picture books to a child. 

The Cotton Candy Storybook 1 is composed of various format of books that arouse children’s interest and

curiosity. Children can enjoy these picture books by playing with pop-up, flap, puzzle, and so on. 

The Cotton Candy Storybook 1 talks about everyday activities such as walking, toilet training, bathing, and tooth brushing.

 Children can learn about these topics naturally by reading the picture books

  • Age – 0~3
  • Composition – Main Book (33 volumes)

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