Cotton Candy Storybook 2

Picture books to Foster Creativity and Stimulate the Imagination!

Having been used to listening to their mothers’ reading books, children will find pleasure in reading and develop

imagination in their mind. Full of interesting stories and beautiful illustrations, Cotton Candy Storybook2 is creative

picture books designed for these children. It is organized according to the developmental stages of children

and a preschool curriculum. Therefore, the various themes of these picture books contain essential lessons for children

in a logical sequence as they grow.

The Cotton Candy Storybook2 consists of 3 steps. Each step is categorized by the length of the texts. This is so that

children can improve their reading ability systematically. The stories are open-ended, which give children the chance

to draw their own conclusions, thereby stimulating thought and enhancing creativity. Also, audio CDs, and other

educational activities materials are provided as excellent materials in order to enhance an understanding of after

reading activities.

  • Age – 3~6
  • Composition – Main Book (25 volumes)

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