New Titles

1. Biography of the Great Minds 

  • Building Future Generation’s Mind & Soul!
  • Six mind powers combined with exciting Stories of Achievement
  • Vivid learning through QR Videos and activities


2. World Changing People

  • Light-up Your Children’s Futures!
  • Key competencies introduced through interesting stories
  • In-depth QR videos and activities expanding background knowledge


3. Smart Science for Smart Children

  • Science Picture Books Answering All Your Questions!
  • Lively science with vivid experiment QR videos
  • Guide for parents included


4. Build It, Virtue & Knowledge!

  • Balanced Language and Character Building
  • Stories guiding children to a balanced language and character growth
  • <What If Cinema> videos, guiding children to the right path


5. Handcrafting Storybook in Creativity

  • Creativity at the Tip of Your Hands
  • Solve problems with fun stories by using 10 creative thinking skills
  • Create your own pop-up storybook


6. Twinkle Twinkle Thinking Star

  • Essential Knowledge Packed into Fun Stories
  • Engaging flaps and knowledge extending end-of-book activities
  • QR videos solving curiosities and learning facts the fun way

7. Curious Stories in English

  • Fun English Stories to Solve Curiosities
  • Repeated exposure to learn important expressions
  • Smart repetitive learning with QR video animation & activities