Musical Fairytales with the Famous Painting


Enjoy Well Known Opera & Musical with Famous Paintings

  Art is a great way to help our children develop their emotion and creativity. This series combines famous operas/musicals with paintings, giving children chance to enjoy great works in our history.

  Famous operas and musicals have been rewritten to help children enjoy the story with ease. Combined with illustrations reflecting unique expressive techniques and colors of world-renowned painters like Gustave Klimt, Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, and Van Gogh, children can appreciate the art and broaden their mind.

  Supplement CD helps children enjoy famous music from opera and musicals, while end-of-book provides detailed information on composers, painters and the great art work.

  • Book Specification  240 x 320mm, 48 pages
  • Age – 8~12
  • Composition  Main Book (20 volumes), Supplement (1 volumes), Music CD (2ea)

paint1 paint2 paint3 paint4 paint5