Musical Fairytales with the Famous Painting


Story on Opera and Musical with the Famous Paintings

Art education is a great opportunity for children to develop their emotion, cognitive ability and creativity.

<Musical Fairytales with the Famous Painting> allows children to appreciate music and fine arts that are the most

representative subjects in the world of art.

Stories on opera and musical which can normally be unfamiliar and difficult for children got much easier to understand.

What’s more, by introducing famous paintings of world-renowned painters including Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet,

Marc Chagall and Van Gogh and using related illustrations that reflect the unique expressive techniques and colors of

the paintings, the stories allow children to understand and better appreciate the world of art. Children can enjoy famous

music and songs of opera and musical with the supplement CD.

At the end of each volume, additional information and knowledge on musical works, related stories (story map), figures,

history and culture introduced in the book.

  • Book Specification  240 x 320mm, 48 pages
  • Age – 8~12
  • Composition  Main Book (20 volumes), Supplement (1 volumes), Music CD (2ea)

paint1 paint2 paint3 paint4 paint5